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"ORIENTAL COAT" is odorless and non-toxic,
and using no fiberglass or asbestos.
"ORIENTAL COAT" is a superb interior finishing material-100%
safe and environment-friendly.

Product Features

Humidity Regulation

Regulate humidity by absorbing moisture when humidity is high and releasing moisture when humidity is low.

Absorb and decompose

Harmful gases like Formaldehyde are absorbed by diatomaceous earth and then decomposed. They will not release again into the air.

Air Purification

Effectively absorbing harmful gases like bad smell, VOC, formaldehyde in the air.

Dew Prevention

Prevent dew formation on wall and window. Help to avoid mold growth.


VOC content near zero
* Natural raw material also contains minimal VOC

Thermal insulation

Low thermal conductivity and good heat insulation.

Fire Resistant

Highly fire resistant and will not release dense smoke

Variety of texture

Variety of finish textures and patterns.


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