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Fujiwara Chemical Co., Ltd.

Web https://www.fujiwara-chemical.co.jp
Address 94, Oshinden, Saijo-City, Ehime, Japan
Zip Code 799-1342
Contact Koji Takahashi(Mr.)
Email info@orientalcoat.com
TEL +81-898-64-2421


Fujiwara Chemical started as Fujiwara Susa (Fibers for Plastering) Factory in 1955. Since then, the company has been engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of materials for Japanese traditional plastered walls, spray coating materials, and wall covering materials.With focus on “beauty” and “calmness” and for the purpose of building houses safe to live in, Fujiwara Chemical will also endeavor to develop wall covering materials and finishing materials that can be used safety.


Besides its major business operations – interior and exterior finishing materials for buildings – Fujiwara Chemical has divisions for other operations such as Food Division, Home Care Division, and Learning Material Division. Fujiwara Chemical’s major products include “diatomaceous earth coating material for finishing” for interior finishing materials, and “polychrome finishing material” and “design coating material for finishing” for exterior finishing materials.

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With “the Grain of Wheat” in mind as our company spirit, Fujiwara Chemical intends to create things useful for society through work.

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