"Wabi" is the diatomaceous earth wall material of the traditional Japanese "Juraku" tone blended with natural straw.


"Wabi" contains plenty of natural straw and diatomaceous earth and keeps living spaces confortable by adjusting the
fumidity in the room.

ホルムアルデヒド不使用 VOC不使用 ホルムアルデヒド吸着・分解 調湿 脱臭 結露防止 水性 防火



What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth, which is a kind of clay-like mud formed by the accumulation of the shells of dead diatoms (plankton) on the bed of the seas and lakes over millions of years, has such func­tions as heat preservation, heat insulation, pro­tection against condensation, moisture control, and noise insulation, and has been widely usedsince ancient times as the raw material for cooking stoves or refractory bricks or as the filter medium for beer, adsorbents, deodorants, etc.
Diatomaceous earth interior and exterior finishing materials of Fujiwara Chemi­cal provide people with safe, healthy finishing materials, from its high quality performances and functions supported and backed by stringent testing.


The features

Humidity regulation

Regulates humidity by absorbing moisture when humidity is high and releasing moisture when humidity is low.



Standard specifications

Name of type Wabi Best Under
Weight 5,700g(incl. emulsion glue 200g) 3,300g
How to use Standard Quantity
of water
2.6liter 2.7liter
Standard applicable
5,800g/3.3㎡ 3,300g/3.3㎡
Pot life 10hours 10hours
Standard thickness about 1.5mm about 1mm
Package  4 bags/carton  5 bags/carton
Wabi Colorant 24 bottles/carton  









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