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Granite like finish floor coating material


ホルムアルデヒド不使用 水性 高耐候 低汚染



Standard Specifications

Prosess Material Blending Quantity
Number of Coating Interval(hour)
During process Between processes Final Coating
Sealer Coat Sealer W - 0.15 1   Over 2  
Under Coat Dante Floor Under Coat - 0.3-0.35 1   Over 2  
Main Coat Dante Floor Main Coat - 0.5-0.6 1 Press with Smoody
Immediately after applying main coat
Over 24



Sealer W : 4kgs or 15kgs/can
Dante Floor Under Coat : 4kgs or 18kgs/can
Dante Floor Main Coat : 8kgs or 18kgs/can


Dante Floor Process of Application

1.Base surface

The base surface must be completely dry.
Dust and clean the floor thoroughly.

2.Sealer coat

Apply sealer with a wool roller. 

3.Under coat

Once the sealer has dried, apply Dante Floor Under coat uniformity.

4.Finish coat

Once the under coat has dried, apply Dante Floor Finish coat evenly with a mastic roller.


Immediately press down and smooth out the surface with the Smoody for patterning.

6.Final cure

More than 24 hours must be cured after patterning. 



How to apply Dante Floor

“Dante Floor”  Granite like acrylic silicon finish coating material for exterior floor.
Standard application method video that explains easy 3 steps.
1st primer, 2nd under coat and 3rd main coat with plastic leveler.










Dante Floor job reference in Singapore

“Dante Floor” Granite like acrylic silicon finish coating material for exterior floor.
Job reference vido at “The garden of East point green condominium” in Singapore.


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